Bothal Consultants understands the necessity these days for a company to have a presence on the web, especially with number of potential customers using smart phones and tablets on the go to locate companies in and around their current location. To this end we use our knowledge of web design in conjunction with our consultancy knowledge to bridge this gap. We also see the web design arm of our company as vital to the growing amount of CRM work that is being produced by web front ends supplementing the standard design and development processes.

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We also undertake bespoke projects for our clients to create a presence on the web for both traditional desktop browsing and mobile "on the go" browsing. Understanding the differences in both design, layout and amount of information necessary is key for us to provide both a concise statement for the client and intuitive reading easy navigation for the users.

[Adobe CS3]

Using Adobe Creative Suite 5 to handle our graphic design and web development this allows for high quality, standardisation and speed of deployment.

[Main browsers used]

All of our web work is tested on the major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE etc.) to ensure a standard presentation as well as a number of mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) given the amount of web viewing on the go.

We have produced a number of sites for small companies which can be accessed through our links page. This as well as our development experience through products such as PRO-IV provides us with valuable knowledge for future projects. If you would like to talk to us about our experience or future work opportunities please feel free to contact us.

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