Bothal Consultants provide consultancy primarily in the mobile telecommunications market and more specifically Billing and Customer Care. We provide consultancy for product development, training, business analysis, testing and development management and have done so for telecoms companies - both large and small - throughout Europe and the Middle East.

[Standard model of a billing system]

Through our links with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) we have provided on-site customer facing consultancy both in the mobile and land-line sectors of telecommunications primarily focusing on the ISIS billing system. Due to this large amount of work on the ISIS Billing and Customer Care system and it's longevity in the market we have also provided migration expertise for our customer's current and future billing systems.

[GSM World]

While the ISIS system has provided the majority of our work the knowledge gained from this system and its customers has proved invaluable when looking at other telecoms systems. Through the interaction with other sub-systems and languages and analytically looking at problems at a business level has allowed us to easily understand the processes involved and provide assistance.

If you would like to talk to us about our experience or future work opportunities please feel free to contact us.

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