Bothal Consultants was formed in Northumberland, England in 2001 to initially provide Telecommunications consultancy to a number of clients working throughout Europe and the Middle East. This work was performed in conjunction with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and a large number of leading Telecoms companies including Mobilkom A1 in Austria, Batelco in Bahrain, Telenor (formerly Europolitan and Vodafone) and Tele2 in Sweden, Netcom in Norway, Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia, O2 (formerly ESAT Digifone) in Ireland and Telmos in Russia.

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[CSC - Computer Sciences Corporation]

Utilising knowledge gained working for clients in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Bahrain, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ireland and the UK we have provided consultancy in market and product analysis, product development, testing, product training and development management. We specialise in Billing and Customer Care and while most of work has involved the billing system ISIS, the knowledge has been applied to other leading billing systems.

[TelesensKSCL][ORACLE][Billing Components][PRO-IV Limited]

We also provide web design and maintenance services for small companies and businesses wanting to get their message across to new and existing customers through the world wide web. With a varying customer base we have a better idea on how to get the message out, providing quick solutions tailored to the individual market.

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